Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sticky Rice

Many people asked me about sticky rice. Sticky rice is a kind of rice, not 
the way you cook. If you want to cook sticky rice, you have to buy sticky rice. 
You cannot make white rice into sticky rice. Where can you find it? 
Most Asian market has small bag of sticky rice, often label as "Sweet Rice." 

Now, the right way to cook sticky rice is to wash and dry over night, then cook 
in the next day. Of course, I cannot wait. So I just wash and cook. HA HA. 
That tuns out okay. 

 Ingredients: 2 cups of sticky rice, half stick of medium size carrots, 3 to 4 
Shiitake Mushrooms (dry kind, soaked in the water, don't throw away water!)
pork or chicken thigh one small piece, 3 Tbs soy sauce, 2 Tbs sake, 1 Tbs sugar, 
and 1Tbs Dashi soup (sold at Asian market), 2 Tbs sesame oil. 

First, on the stove, medium heat, heat sesame oil. Add meat, carrots, 
Shiitake mushrooms (all chopped small size), fry evenly for a few minutes. 
Add rice. Mix evenly. Add left over Shiitake water, soy sauce, sake, sugar, dashi, 
and another cup of water. 
(After you mix, water level is about half inch above the rice.) 

Heat until boil, then turn the heat down to low, and cover. 
Set the timer for 20 minutes. Don't open while cooking. 
Around 20 minutes, you can peek how much water you have left, if you don't 
see excess water, turn the heat up to high for 1 minutes, Remove 
right away from the stove, Let it stand for another 15 minutes before serve. 
If you see excess water, set the timer for another 2 minutes, check 
the water level, and last One minute of cooking should be in high heat. 
Don't forget to remove from the heat after that. 

That's it! Easy! and Yummy! 
Hope you will try this :) 

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