Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Curry Bunny

I know "curry again!" But it's easy. And they eat up, that's the best part! 

Colorful Sandwich and more

I'm getting lazy these days. Just simple everything-they-like lunch. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bunny Sandich with Vegetables

This lunch is for JJ. It's Saturday, so they have to go to Japanese school all day. 
One of great things about Japanese school is that they have 45 minutes lunch break. 
Especially for kindergardeners, they spent enough time to finish their lunch. 
Ones who are finished early, there is a story time waiting. (thanks to volunteer moms!)
What a treat! And they stop at the bathroom before lunch for kids to wash their hands! 
Hope they will have a nice day at school :) 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Curry Heart

It's Valentine's day week. So the theme is "heart." 
I made heart shaped rice balls and placed in curry. 

Lion Rice ball

This is really easy. Round rice ball in a silicone cup, made it look like a lion. 

I love Panda Bento

I love you rice balls with hot dogs. Made strawberries in heart shape :) 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Butter Roll Sandwich

There is a really good Japanese style bakery in Novi. 
This week, I bought a bag of dinner rolls, and made them 
into sandwich. Elephants are just decoration :) 

Vege and tortilla sandwich

I like adding all the fruits and vege like this. It is colorful and delicious. 

Japanese Pumpkin

Once in a while I feel like traditional Japanese food. This is pumpkin, 
cooked in soy, sake, milin, sugar, and dashi. Yum. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Curry Bunny and Snowman

This is repeat, but kids favorite curry and rice. I made bunny for JJ and snowman for CC.
It's easy, you can use left over from dinner. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brown Rice Pilaf

Normally, brown rice is kind of hard to eat. You know it is healthier. But if you 
don't cook right, it doesn't taste good at all! 
Now, I used my new pressure cooker and that turn out so good! 
 In 6qt size pressure cooker, 4 cups of brown rice, one cup of frozen corn, 
one cup of frozen peas, and one and a half cup of frozen carrots. 
Heat one Tsp butter, add all ingredients, mix a little, add 
3 3/4 cup of chicken stock. Then let the cook the rest! 

White Rice

This is white rice. It may not look anything significant. 
However, it does. Why? Because I cooked this in my new pressure cooker! 
Each grain of rice stood up and so shinny! I'm very excited :) 

Japanese Fried Chicken

If you are wondering what is different in Japanese style fried chicken, here 
is ingredients: marinate chicken in soy sauce and grounded ginger.
Then use corn starch for breading, not flour. You can use flour, too, but 
that made the breading kind of heavy. You don't need dipping sauce. 
But my kids like to dip in the Ranch dressing. 

My lunch 10

When kids are at school and having lunch alone at home, this is what I have for lunch. 
It may not look very much, but rich in flavors. The egg omelette is my new 
favorite. I can almost eat this every meal. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My lunch 9

What I have here is: Salmon flakes over rice, egg omelette, Maitake mushrooms, 
cucumber with shiso/kombu flakes mix, fruits. 
My new favorite is this egg omelette. Yellow one was left over from 
kids lunch. Then I made this Osaka flavor omelette I had just learned 
from my friend. Simply mixed with chopped green onions, and red ginger, 
maybe small amount of Dashi soup (powder) then cook in the same way 
that you would cook egg omelette. The ginger tastes great with eggs 
that gives some kick to it. It's not necessarily spicy, but I like salty or 
spicy over sweet. It is delicious :) 

Rice Balls with Salami and Cheese

This is variation from yesterday. I think rice balls are much easier to eat 
at busy and short lunch time. I'm looking for other options other than 
salami, but CC doesn't eat sausages, hams, and some other easy 
packing food that gave me small options. Maybe first I have to train her 
to eat more variety food ;( 

Mac and Cheese wit Salami

On the other hand, CC likes typical American food. 
So I packed left over mac and cheese. However, she said she didn't have 
enough time to eat. So she only ate a little, and ate some salami which 
she loves. Maybe I will look into more of finger food option for her. 

Onigiri with Maitake

I didn't teach, but JJ established Japanese taste in her. She loves old 
Japanese cooking. I may mentioned this before, but Maitake is really yummy 
mushroom that you can get at Whole Foods Market. 
This is my favorite, and hers, too. Cook with traditional soy sauce, sugar, sake 
combinations, and there! Ready for any meal. 

Egg Salad Sandwich with umbrella

I know this is typical repeat lunch. So I added umbrellas :) Hahaha. 
Just imagining what they do with it during lunch hour makes me smile. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fried Green Beans

This is simply yummy! and so easy to make. 
I used pancake mix for butter. The trick is that to keep butter cold. 
Then deep fry in the frying pan. 
For sauce, I mixed same amount of mayo and mustard and added small amount 
of soy sauce. You can also use Ranch dressing for quick serving :)

Egg Salad sandwich in progress

Happy New Year! Finally school started again :) 
Today, I post this picture for a change. Just making egg salad sandwich. 
When you know how you pack, it is easier to plan, which is also 
time efficient.