Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pot luck the end of year party

We had the end of year party at our house. It was fun time, and forgot to take more pictures. 
This is before everyone brought dishes. We had more than we could eat! 
I found that it was a great way to have a party. We had variety of food, and 
easy to clean up, too! 

This is one of dishes I made, fried rice and stir fry chicken. 

We had a lot better food than snack vege. But just the sake of look on the counter :) 
What I've been liking is this cheese with cranberry in it. Yummy! 

Our party was successful. Amazingly, 11 kids were occupied with Wii, Lego, and 
some other games in the basement, so all moms and dads could have a great time, too :) 

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