Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bunny and Chick Onigiri Bento

bunny and chick onigiri bento, うさぎとひよこのおにぎり弁当

Today's lunch is this. I couldn't make up my mind what kind of rice balls I would make. 
And also I realized that I often having trouble making two of the same ones. 
So here are bunny and chick. It look more like penguin if I put more seaweed. 
Anyway, chicken nuggets to go with it. Edamame is such a convenient item. 
It is green, and kids love it! One thing JJ commented this morning was 
"mom, that's cute, but when I open the lunch box, things are all over the place!" 
Well, that's the challenge :) 

I didn't mean to make it look mad.. just the angle.. 

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