Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shumai Bento

shumai bento, しゅうまい弁当

I've been liking this new lunch boxes. They are shallow, has divider, and sealed tightly. 
The amount is probably perfect for JJ, too. She normally eats all her lunch. 
Today is shumai bento. The other one with vegetable is for snack. I had her bring 
some chips the other day, and kindergarten teacher reminded me that's not acceptable 
snack for kindergartener. Oh well. Sometimes, I don't have enough time to pack lunch
and snack and a bag of chips helps me so much! Today, I made some effort :) 

I was having trouble packing, and realized that I used top one and bottom one opposite! 
See, it's too loose with rice balls, and too tight the other. It settled okay at the end :) 

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