Friday, October 12, 2012

Sandwich again

Sandwich and Fruits, アニマルサンド

Sandwich again. 
Last night, both kids were sick and I wasn't sure if they are able to go to school. 
Then forgot to plan about lunch. Plus, I didn't want them to feel sick eating too heavy lunch. 
I think simple lunch like this is okay sometimes, right? 

This is for daddy.

I know this is not sandwich. This is Soba. This is for CC.
When kids are sick and don't have much appetite, 
Soba noodle works great. It fills and light at the same time. Often, Japanese kids or 
half Japanese kids like mine get picked on such lunch. But my daughter is very unique 
and confident. She doesn't mind showing off this "difference" in her, and proud. 
One time in the kindergarten, she was writing everyone's name in Japanese, getting 
other kids interested in different language. I am very proud of her :)

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