Thursday, September 13, 2012

Angry Bird Cheese with Quesadilla

Angry Bird, Cheese, Quesadillas

Today's lunch is chili and cheese quesadillas. For sides, JJ brought mayo pasta salad, CC brought Salamis. And for eye catcher, I made the Angry Bird out of cheese. For face, I just draw it on paper, and pasted it. I want to see her face when she opens the lunch box. She will probably laugh! 

I got a comment from CC's friend this morning. She said to me "CC's lunch is AWESOME! How did you make that?" I was happy to get a positive comment! It is very encouraging. So I showed her this picture. She gave me a bright smile, that made my day!

JJ likes this pasta salad. In fact, JJ eats a lot better than CC. So Here is a little different arrangement. 
A little treat of yogurt covered pretzels are hiding underneath. 

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