Thursday, September 6, 2012

Totoro and Neko Bus (cat bus) Onigiri Bento

Totoro, Onigiri Bento, Shumai

CC requested Shumai for lunch. Shumai is like dumplings, and I didn't make it. There is a yummy one at Trader Joe's, and we buy this convenient frozen shumai for lunch, and emergency (quick) dinner. With it, I made Totoro Onigiri. She was so excited that she's already made a request to bring it to Japanese school. Well, I'll see. We'll have to wake up much earlier than normal school day. So I may have to make one the night before. 

Neko bus, cat bus, Totoro, Omlette rice bento

Here is lunch for JJ. It is supposed to be Neko Bus (cat bus) from Totoro. It is hard to make it look like it! Whew! This is ketchup rice with shrimp wrapped in omelet. Hope they are having a fun lunch time!

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