Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teddy Bear and Chicken Nuggets

Today's lunch for girls is Teddy Bear Onigiri with Chicken Nuggets. This is actually the first time I made teddy bear shaped onigiri. It was a lot of fun! To go with onigiri, I got chicken nuggets. This will be a good balanced meal :) Just in case, packed fruits for snack time. 

I wanted to add color. So added mini tomato. First, I was struggling placing them in the right place, and realized "Oh, if I cut a little parts of both, I can make heart shape!" So here it is! 

Today I had to make sure they will eat their lunch, because whenever I make lunch with faces, my girls feel bad to eat them! "Don't forget, those are just rice balls, and I can make them again!" I said to them :)

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