Monday, September 3, 2012

Healthy Snack -- guideline from kindergarten

Healthy Snack for Kindergarten, kids, children

JJ will start kindergarten tomorrow! It is exciting! Last week, we had an orientation and one of things we received was snack guidance. The hand out says "Research continues to show that proper nutrition enhances academic ability, improves overall school performance and decreases absences. It impacts behavior and emotional functioning and leads to higher achievement. It lowers anxiety, hyperactivity, depression and psychological dysfunction. (Action for Healthy Kids, 2004, 2009). I think it is true for everyone! So here is "do's" and "don'ts"

Whole fruit, Fruit salad, Fruit cups
Nuts (only in classrooms without restrictions)
Dried fruit
Small box of raisins
Natural fruit roll-ups without dye or added sugar
Cheese sticks, cubes, or slices
Cut-up vegetables, dip
Popcorn (low-fat, non-buttered),
whole grain low-fat crackers

Candy/yogurt covered fruit
Potato chips, cheese puffs, fried tortilla chips
Candy, cake, cookies, cupcakes
Fruit roll-ups with added sugar, dye, preservatives
Breakfast bars with high sugar/fat
Foods laden with preservatives
Processed cheese with saltines
Foods with artificial flavoring
Foods laden with preservatives
Crackers or pretzels with white flour or high fats

So what I packed was carrots (her favorite) and red pepper with hummus, green grapes and vege crackers. It might be too much for little snack time. But something she can choose and eat. I'll see how she does it tomorrow :)

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